agentchimendez asked: Do the favorite/least favorite/etc meme with Total Drama c:


Yay, people asking me questions. :3 Excuse me as I may elaborate a bit, because I’m the kind of person to do that.

Favorite Person: Harold. <3 Being kind of geeky myself (I have a great interest in science, especially biology), I guess I have a thing for nerd characters. Besides, he’s cute, smart, and talented.

Least Favourite Person: Duncan. I don’t hate him with a passion like I used to, but… let’s face it, that guy was a jerk, especially towards Harold. Punks scare me anyways… u_u

Prettiest Person: Hmm… probably Zoey. Mostly because of the cute flower in her hair.

Person I Want to Marry: See favorite person. We have a common passion for science, so… :D

Person With Whom I Want to Be Best Friends: Bridgette or Beth. Bridgette because she’s friendly and loves animals just like me; Beth because she’s awkward and geeky like me but a lot more confident.

Favourite Pairing: Mike x Zoey, aka “Waffle” or “Zoke”. TDROTI was the first TD season I watched, so of course Waffle will always have a place in my heart. I’m a total sucker for cute, fluffy, fairytale ships, no matter what people say about them. <3

Unpopular Opinion: See Favorite Pairing. I’m also one of those fans who absolutely loves every single season of Total Drama. Even TDA. :D